1. GAP0145 - Establishment of Bioinformatics infrastructure facility for biology teaching through bioinformatics (BIF-BTBI) under the BTISnet Sponsored by Department of Biotechnology (DBT)

2. MLP0143 - Bisoprospection Microbiome from Himalayan niches (NCP) (CSIR sponsored project)

3. MLP0146 - Development of high-throughput genotyping platform for next generation plant breeding in tea (FBR) (CSIR Sponsored project)

4. GAP 0224 - High throughout genotyping to expedite the genetic characterization and dissection of important agronomic traits of tea (Indo-Srilanka Project sponsored by Department of Science and Technology(DST)

1. MLP0076 - MLP0076-Computational Systems and Network Biology (2012-2017) (CSIR-Sponsored Project)