Database for Himalayan Apple pathogen

Database for Novel Fungal genome Ophiocordyceps indica sp. nov. from treeline area of Indian Western Himalayan region (Frontiers in Microbiology, 2023)

Indian Himalayan Metagenome Database (IHM-DB) (Database, 2023)

Automated pipeline for 16S rRNA amplicon-based analysis (AutoQii2) (Database, 2023)

Protocol for clustering of proteins into active/inactive targets by applying unsupervised machine learning algorithms (Computers in Biology and Medicine, 2023)

Deep learning based protocol to construct an immune-related gene network of host-pathogen interactions in plants (Star Protocols (Cell Press) (2023)

A-HIOT: A-HIOT is an advanced virtual screening (VS) framework ˗ automated hit identification and optimization tool (A-HIOT)(Journal of Cheminformatics 2022)

RicePathDLNet Deep Learning inspire Data-Visualization (iScience, Cell Press, 2022)

Pipeline for prediction of defense gene network in specific stress (iScience, Cell Press, 2022)

Pipeline for cold-adaptation analysis (Genomics, 2020)

Transcription Factors predicition pipeline (Plant Molecular biology reporter,2015)